We offer first mortgage development finance for experienced developers, ranging up to a maximum 65% LVR and a minimum $10m loan.

Facilities that don’t meet these requirements can be accommodated on a case by case basis. Please contact BPFM to discuss your financing needs.

General requirement for borrowing facilities:

Up to
65% LVR

$10M Loan


Facility Options

// Why BPFM

The team at BPFM have 60+ years covering Investment and Portfolio Management, and Property Financing, having previously worked at various Major Australian and International Banks. The team managed property debt portfolio’s in excess of AUD2 billion. We are proactive in our approach and have a clear understanding of the development lifecycle through Planning, Development, Construction and Sales.

We have no geographical constraints, instead focusing on the proposed product to be delivered in accordance with the local market and economic conditions.

As a Non-Bank lender, we are flexible in accommodating the needs of developers, by providing a commercial approach to all facets including pre-sales, and source of equity.

We can accommodate both self-build developments as well as those undertaken by third-party contractors.

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