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Providing strong risk-adjusted returns for Wholesale Investors and tailored Lending Solutions for experienced Developers

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Broad Peak Funds Management (BPFM) specialises in originating and managing Investment Vehicles (Funds) which provide senior debt property finance solutions to developers.

We offer senior and stretch senior development finance loans across a range of asset classes, including residential, mixed-use, industrial and commercial.

Working closely with our investment partners in structuring funding packages, BPFM deliver flexible and innovative platforms for our clients’ investment needs.

Differentiating ourselves from our competition and the typical approach of the major banks, our team possess the skills and expertise to manage your investment.

BPFM only provides 1st mortgage facilities, and will not combine mezzanine or equity tranches. Combining riskier tranches significantly increases portfolio risk. Our products are designed to enhance yield while minimising capital risk.

// Industry News

The reason why Bank debt is getting more expensive, whilst leverage is reducing, and covenants are increasing!

The underlying reason why the banks are getting more and more expensive in providing the same level of debt is clearly evidenced in the below chart. The increased capital ratios are being driven by the…

BPFM selects eFront Invest to provide superior investor service

Paris, October 1, 2019 – eFront, the world’s leading technology solution for alternative investment management, announced today that Broad Peak Funds Management (BPFM), has selected eFront Invest to manage its senior debt lending, funds administration, and investor deal flow processes. After an exhaustive search…

AFR Article – Non-bank lenders cut risk as market share grows

Research undertaken by Ashurst has confirmed that non-bank lenders are reducing their LVRs, which have fallen from 72% in 2017 to 65%.Ken Nguyen of Ashurst states, “What we’re seeing in the last 18 to 24 months is lot of the non-banks move in a much more institutional direction, tying themselves to institutional money from…

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